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Scheduler - SCH

Set up methods to run at specified intervals that can be modified without the need to recode.

The strength of this comment is the interface provided for managing the schedules, with a simple to follow setup.

To display the schedule interface it is required to use the Preferences component.


  • Add any shared method in the Host to be run at scheduled periods
  • Specify the stack size as required for each schedule
  • Set the number of times the schedule is attempted when failing before being aborted
  • Set the period between attempts on failure
  • Add any number of methods to run in sequence on one schedule
  • When adding a method to a schedule pass up to 10 text parameters
  • Set schedules to run on a daily basis, at a specified times or at intervals within a time period
  • Set schedules to run on specific week days
  • Set schedules to run on specific days of the month
  • Set schedules to run on first, second, third, fourth or last days in a week on a monthly basis (e.g. second Tuesday of every month)
  • Set up emails to receive information on failed runs

List of commands

  • SCH Manager
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