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FootRunner Wrapper - FRW

This component provides a simple wrapper for the excellent FootRunner plugin by Footprint Inc. that allows you to run raw 4D code in a compiled database.

This component requires you to also install the FootRunner plugin and the Preferences component.

Footprints Wrapper

This part of the component comprises of a series of method wrappers to make the use of the plugin easier and uses the examples provided by Footprint Inc in their online documentation.

System preferences

This component requires a table to be added to the host database.

The second part of the component allows you to save a load scripts in the data file to run by a handle. This can be useful for providing custom reports or searches where programming is required but you may not want to reprogram the database, or you wish to test the code on live data before release.


  • Import / export code from one database to another
  • Run code from a file
  • Save and reload code

List of commands

  • FRw Append Checksum
  • FRw Document To Text
  • FRw Remove Checksum
  • FRw RUN
  • FRw SAVE
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